One Four Challenge February Week 3: The Texture of Winter

I’m still struggling with this image, my struggles compounded by the thought that I may have picked the wrong image to use for a ‘winter’ texture.

This combo contains ‘Matter’ apped image overlaid over itself with sections cut out.
Blue Cut-out of Winter Texture From my Amsterdam museum-tripping photos, this folded 3D sculpture brought on two thoughts: 1. Maybe I could somehow bend, fold and mutilate the above image into a 3D piece; 2. Maybe I could overlay it onto the image…
Amsterdam Modern Art Museum Folded White Sculpture Here are the two images overlaid, ending up with a paler and hopefully icier image.
Snowy trees in pale aqua MatterIncidentally, this is perhaps the image I should have started with…
Snowy trees texture at Silver Star Ski Resort in the BC InteriorApart from the One Four Challenge, Robin has also set up a Flickr site and once I post this, I am planning on finally uploading my images for the month along with some of my alternatives that didn’t quite make the cut.

More on Robin G’s One Four Challenge February Week 3


6 responses to “One Four Challenge February Week 3: The Texture of Winter

  1. I’m glad you chose the image you did – I like the softness and textures.. and with the contract of the matter it makes for very intriguing viewing. I would never think to do these things and always enjoy your explorations 😃😃

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