Metal Wall Abstract in Waterlogue

Travel Theme: Watercolour Abstracts

Abstracts are one of my favourite types of images to run through the photo app Waterlogue.

In Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Moldy Wall Abstracts, Malaysia’s Fort Cornwallis provided loads of moldy wall abstracts for me to work with.
Fort Cornwallis Moldy Wall Abstract in Waterlogue and Stackable

Here are more ‘watercolour’ abstracts from around the world…

Victoria metal barrier abstract in Waterlogue. (Canada)
Victoria, Canada: Rusty Metal Wall Abstract in Waterlogue Yangon orange cardboard abstract in Waterlogue and Pixlromatic. (Myanmar)
Yangon Cardboard Orange Abstract Hue tomb abstract in Waterlogue. (Vietnam)
Hue Tomb Abstract in WaterlogueTorn poster abstract in Waterlogue. (Belfast, Ireland)
Ireland: Torn Poster Abstract in WaterlogueDutch ‘fog’ abstract in Waterlogue. (Amsterdam, Holland)
Holland: Fog Abstract in Waterogue Torn poster abstract in Waterlogue. (Rouen, France)
Rouen, France: Torn Poster Abstract in Waterlogue Belgian Gasworks abstract in Waterlogue. (Brussels)
Belgian Gasworks Abstract in Waterlogue More of Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Abstract

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