One Word Challenge: Bees in the Garden

Here’s to some happy pollinators!

My blue thistle is very fragrant and attracts bees like crazy, so many that you can’t even get close enough to smell it for fear of inhaling bees. This particular bee has an attitude; I think he’s saying ,”Hey get that big nose out of my flower!”
A bee with attitudeA bee (or a wasp?) on a yellow dill flower.bee on a yellow dill-like flowerA bee on a red poppy.
a bee on a red poppyI’m not sure what type of bee this is – not your typical busy bee anyway as his method of gathering pollen seems to consist of throwing himself headfirst into the heart of the crocus and then wallowing in it.
Bee gathering the pollen of some white Crocuses More of Jennifer Nichole Well’s One Word Challenge: Bee. This also works for Hey Jude’s March Challenge: Wildlife in the Garden.


13 responses to “One Word Challenge: Bees in the Garden

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  2. You have got a variety of bees here, that waspy one has such long Antenna – and I love the last one that has dunked himself in pollen 😀

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