White cherry blossoms in Queen Elizabeth Park

Changing Seasons in the Park: March 2016

This month I went out on my monthly photo jaunt to Queen Elizabeth Park* with a friend who had a new adjustable camera.

Since I’m also still in the process of exploring my new* camera, we wandered around playing with our macro and white balance settings.

White cherry blossoms back-lit with my new camera with white balance set to ‘cloudy’.
White cherry blossoms in Queen Elizabeth ParkWhite cherry blossoms front-lit with my old camera set to auto. My old* camera is much sharper with macro, and the ‘auto’ white balance is truer than with my new camera.
White cherry blossoms in Queen Elizabeth Park Purple hyacinth bed with my old camera on auto.
Purple Hyacynths in Queen Elizabeth ParkThe hyacinth flowers look better in macro, but breathing in the heavy fragrance this close up almost knocked me out. (Old camera, again because the macro has sharper focus.)Purple hyacinth flowers in Queen Elizabeth ParkTiny purple-green buds on an unknown tree, again with my old camera – on my new one the focus is just too soft.
Purple-green buds on an unknown tree in Queen Elizabeth Park Again ‘old’ camera. I haven’t put in any of the shots of this with my new camera as none of them turned out!Purple-green buds on an unknown tree in Queen Elizabeth Park Daffodils near and far, both on my ‘new’ camera – its close-up shots are pretty good, and the 30x zoom is a dream. The white balance was again set to ‘cloudy’ even though it was a sunny day – I find both the ‘sunny’ white balance and ‘auto’ white balance way too blue.
Daffodils in Queen Elizabeth Park Daffodils in Queen Elizabeth ParkA bright red tulip, photographed on my new camera with the white balance set to ‘cloudy’, has a red ‘flare’ that makes it appear out of focus.
Red tulip in Queen Elizabeth ParkI took another shot, this time setting the white balance to ‘tungsten’. Later I  edited it in Photoshop, selecting the flower, adjusting contrast in layers and adding in blue to help define it. Then I selected inverse and added in yellow to bring the leaves back to a warmer tone.
Red tulips with flare photographed with a white balance set to 'tungsten' and then isolated to add further blue to define the flowerThe final edited shot – the tulip is more defined but in my first shot the colours are truer to what I saw.
Red tulip in Queen Elizabeth Park*Queen Elizabeth Park is a converted quarry on Little Mountain, the highest point within the city of Vancouver. My ‘old’ camera is a seven-year-old waterproof Nikon Coolpix with 5x zoom and minimal adjustments. My ‘new’ camera is an almost one-year-old Canon SX710 with 30x zoom, Aperture Priority and more. They were both about $300 Cdn (~200 €/US$).

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4 thoughts on “Changing Seasons in the Park: March 2016

  1. I like the purple photos, both the flowers and those buds. Exploring a new camera can take a lot of time. I’m still not familiar with mine yet, I’ve just figured out most of the basic functions that I need for my use.

    1. One of the reasons I participated in this challenge was the need to really test out my new camera – after all I bought it for its adjustability and then I didn’t use any of them except the zoom. I still haven’t yet tried out long exposures but that’s coming soon…

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