One Word Challenge: Faux Bokeh in a Photo App

Even though I finally have a more adjustable, potentially bokeh-capturing camera, capturing true bokeh remains elusive, and happens almost by accident.

Enter Pixlromatic’s FAUX BOKEH!

Golden fall grasses with fake bokeh…
fall grasses in Pixlromatic White magnolia with fake ‘Night’ bokeh…
White Magnolia with Pixlromatic Bokeh An image of a Chinese lantern also with ‘Night’ bokeh applied.
Chinese New Year with Pixlromatic Bokeh‘Looove’ overlay adds heart bokeh to the unfiltered image. The frame is ‘Twirl’.
Strawberry Sorbet & Champagne Using Looove in Pixlromatic Pixlromatic ‘Shine’ bokeh (plus ‘Dean’ filter and ‘Sloppy’ frame) adds mood to a steamy shot of a hot tub up at Silver Star Ski Resort.
 Pixlromatic 'Shine' bokeh (plus 'Dean' filter and 'Sloppy' frame)Pixlromatic ‘Moody’ bokeh (plus ‘Anne’ filter and ‘Peri’ frame) applied to a shot of some 9th century stone carvings in Galway. Pixlromatic 'Moody' bokeh (plus 'Anne' filter and 'Peri' frame) One fun thing I like about using Pixlromatic is that I can use the idea behind the ‘overlay’ layer in my own unique way in Photoshop. With ‘bokeh’ I decided it might be interesting to see what went on behind the scenes in Pixlromatic by putting various bokeh overlays onto plain coloured backgrounds. Some of the overlays only worked on dark backgrounds and some only worked on light backgrounds. None of them worked on a pure white background.

The image was captured by overlaying ‘Fog’ bokeh  onto a black background.
Foggy-colored bokeh from Pixlromatic, by overlaying the overlay layer onto a black background This one is ‘Rainbow’ bokeh on a dark blue background – it actually is rainbow-coloured but became overwhelmed by the dark blue background.
Blue Bokeh in Pixelromatic This one is ‘Night’ bokeh on cream, one of the few overlays that work better on light colours as in the white magnolia and the Chinese lantern photos above.White Bokeh in Pixelromatic More of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Bokeh.


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