Macro of Tiny Burgundy Flowers on a Bush

April Garden Challenge: Teeny Tiny Flowers

These tiny spring flowers all show the depth of field that often comes when using the ‘Macro’ setting on a point and shoot camera.

Tiny white flowers on an unknown tree.
Macro of Tiny White Flowers Not flowers at all, but the left-over bud casings from the Witch Hazel blooms.
Macro of Tiny Burgundy Flower on a Tree Witch Hazel blooms from January.Yellow Witch Hazel Flowers Tiny burgundy flowers on an unknown bush — perhaps a type of croton.Macro of Tiny Burgundy Flowers on a BushOregon Grape buds just about to flower.
Macro of the yellow Oregon Grape flower buds Small pink blooms on the hanging branches of the Western Larch.
the pink flower buds of the Larch tree in FebruaryAnother unknown tree sprouting some intriguing flowers.
Purple-green buds on an unknown tree in Queen Elizabeth Park More of Hey Jude’s Garden Photography April Macros

4 thoughts on “April Garden Challenge: Teeny Tiny Flowers

  1. It is so interesting when you get closer to flowers, you see all sorts of shapes and patterns and details that you normally miss. Thanks for sharing these 🙂

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