April’s Plant of the Month: Tulips from 17th Century Holland

Last year I thought I’d put together a ‘flower-of-the-month’ post. I got as far as doing daffodils for March and that was the end of that plan.

This year I’m going to try again with Tulips for April. If I don’t manage to follow up with at least a couple more months I’ll switch the name to ‘Plant of the Year’.

It’s been the second warm spring in a row, and the tulips are early yet again. While I was working out in the garden the other day a woman walked past and commented, “It seems strange to see tulips when it’s so warm.”

The original is a ‘Black Parrot’ tulip out in my garden, actually more of a deep purple with a black centre.
Black Parrot Tulip Here I have transformed it into the almost mythical black tulip using Stackables’ Asylum formula.
Black Parrot tulip transformed into the almost mythical 'Black Tulip' using Stackables' Asylum formula The second tulip is the ‘Lavender Ruffle’ tulip shot at La Conner’s Tulip Town, and slightly out of focus.
'Lavender Ruffle' tulip at La Conner's Tulip Town I wanted the image to look as if it was of a painting done in 17th century Holland, and used Stackables ‘Misty’ formula to achieve this. This formula increases the out-of-focusness to the point that it doesn’t matter. I probably should have played with the formula a bit more and added some brush stroke layers but I quite liked it just as it was.
'Lavender Ruffle' tulip transformed in Stackables' Misty formula The third tulip is a flame tulip, also from my garden.
Flame TulipHere I made up my own formula in Stackables, adding lots of thick brushy paint stroke layers along with a handwriting overlay to make it look as if it was part of a tulip grower’s notes on how to produce the perfect tulip.
Flame Tulip transformed using my own Stackables formula More playing around with photo apps on my Photo App page.


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