One Four Challenge May Week 2: The Lion of Segovia

The Lion of Segovia run through the photo app Stackables with some subtle monochrome looks, something I find Stackables does better than any other app.

‘Tintype’ is a great formula but doesn’t work as well if the centre of interest is off to one side as in this image.
In Segovia, Spain, the white statue of a lion in front of a church done in Stackables Tintype? I find the green tones of the ‘Serenity‘ formula lovely, but overall too soft and always find myself hitting ‘Auto Contrast‘ in Photoshop. (This is my favourite of the week.)
Lion of Segovia in Stackable's 'Serenity' formulaThe blue tones of the ‘Last Summer‘ formula, were also too soft and upped with ‘Auto Contrast‘ and then desaturated slightly. I should note here that Last Summer’s is actually a faded version of the colours in the photo and not a true blue monochrome like the ‘Silverado’ formula.
Lion of Segovia in Stackable's 'Last Summer' formula The browny tones of ‘Abandoned’, lightened using Photoshop Levels.Lion of Segovia in Stackable's 'Abandoned' formula My own concoction of a formula, based on reworking ‘Anarchy’.The Segovia Lion in the Photo App Stackables I really put Stackables through a ‘Monochrome Exploration of Glenveagh Gardens in Ireland’, and although I didn’t cover all the monochrome formulas, the ones I did cover were very different than the ones I selected here.

More of Robyn G’s One Four Challenge for May 2016.


4 responses to “One Four Challenge May Week 2: The Lion of Segovia

  1. Nice experimenting this week Eliza!
    The ones that stand out for me are Serenity, Abandoned and your version of Anarchy. It’s a great app!

    • As I was working on this week’s challenge I was Imagining a cover for an unwritten book called ‘The Lion of Segovia’, and these monochromes really told a story – as the dune mouse commented, a rather Gothic story!

      • Yes Cybele knows exactly how to describe it!!
        It’s an image that works well in limited colours/monochrome and I like that you were ‘working’ on a book cover 😀

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