OWC Burn: Photographing Mexican Chiles

When I started putting together our Soleducational Spanish courses one of the first things I did was take lots of photos of chiles.

I began by photographing the chiles against all different types of hot-coloured backgrounds – gold, pink, purple.
A habanero chile on a purple background I even made a painted background to see how that worked.
08serranopaintedbckgrdw And I photographed them all on white, thinking that a white background would be best if I wanted to cut-out the chiles. 
Pasilla chile on white background In the end the white backgrounds only worked for the insides of the textbooks, printed in black only.pasilla chile in black and white for the Soleado books For the videos I found it was best to do cut-outs of the chiles from the coloured paper backgrounds – that way they had a coloured edge that blended into the coloured backgrounds in the video better the the white edges.A poblano chile on a pink background I put the cut-out chiles into After Effects and made them dance.
mas de 200 tipos de chiles Then I tried to make them HOT! Burn, baby, burn.
serrano chile on fireA serrano and a jalapeño fire dancing.
serrano & jalapeño chiles on fireWhen I started looking for some colourful web interpretations, I put the textured painted backgrounds through some photo apps. I think Pixlromatic made this serrano chile pretty hot.
serrano chile in Pixlromatic More about chiles on our Soleducational website, all in Spanish of course!

More interpretations at Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Burn.


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