A Sketching Trip Along the Juan de Fuca Trail

Most of my favourite camping trips have been the sketching trips to nearby destinations made with my friend and fellow artist Sue.

Here are a few of my sketches and artworks from our trip to Sooke and the Juan de Fuca Trail on Vancouver Island.

Sketch of the beach area at the far end of Botanical Bay.
Sketch of Botanical Bay Rocks Pencil sketch of trees on the Juan de Fuca trail.
Pencil Sketch of Trees on the Juan de Fuca Trail Rock wall at French Beach from my Sooke sketching trip.
Rock Wall on my Sooke Sketching Trip Rocks on China Beach.Rocks at China Beach on my Sooke Sketching TripPencil and watercolour drawing of rocks on the beach from our Sooke sketching trip on Vancouver IslandFrom Sooke to Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island provides some of the wildest coastlines in the world, and almost half of it is the Juan de Fuca Trail. The trail ranges from relatively easy to quite difficult. There are three access points where you can park your car and do just part of the trail as a day trip.

Camping is either wilderness camping on the beach, or at the Provincial Park sites of French Beach or China Beach, or at any of the privately owned campsites. One site that rarely gets mentioned is the Pacheedaht Campground at Port Renfrew, a first nations campground, wide open and beautiful.

Port Renfrew is where the Juan de Fuca Trail ends and the famous West Coast Trail begins (or visa versa). There are public showers in the town where you can have a shower since much of the camping in the region lacks such amenities.
Map showing the beaches along the Old Island Hwy from Sooke to Port Renfrew More of Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Camping.

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