Garden Challenge May 2016: Wild Flower or Weed?

When is a wild flower a weed? And how about dandelions – wild flower or weed?

It’s not a weed when it explodes in shades of green, yellow and purple like this…
Weed? Dandelion or makes sun-lit puffs in the wilderness…
going to seed Although perhaps when your next-door-neighbour’s yard looks like this. Mine does – I call this image ‘The Ghosts that Haunt Me’.
Dandelions in Seed Next Door A friend of mine believes that a tea made of young dandelion leaves is good for liver detoxification, the roots do the same for the kidneys and the flower and seeds provide a good proportion of your daily vitamins.
Dandelion seeds and flowers in the photo app Stackables Dandelion seeds in the photo app Stackables And now for my painting inspired by dandelions and other beautiful wild flowers (or weeds depending on your interpretation!) Yellow weed painting More wild flowers on Hey Jude’s Garden Challenge for May 2016.

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