One-a-Day Creative Project: Thinking in Black & White

May 5th, 2011: still trying to do my one-a-day creative project.

Part of the supply list for my first mixed media class asks us to bring in some high-contrast black & white laser photocopies to transfer to our artwork.

That started me thinking in black & white, and somehow my mind got stuck at ‘granite’. Perhaps it was while I was changing the beach pebbles in my rock tumbler… anyway, I thought that the sparkly carborundum grit that I use for tumbling might be used with plaster for a painting of granite.

Part of this inspiration was the plaster walls embedded with mirror that I saw in India.

plaster walls embedded with mirror (India) Granite pebbles from Yale River close-up of sparkly Yale River granite And a little later I found this stone that is almost the reverse of granite.
black & white original stone Two years later (2013): I finally got around to following up on these two beach pebbles by combining them into one painting. The granite was made by embedding broken car window glass into a thick sand/spackle mix; the other pebble was just painted but surrounded by thick plaster. The acrylic paint sticks to the glass making it tricky to paint the plaster.  Beach pebbles with broken glass embedded in spackle 2014. Still working on it and it still doesn’t capture what I want it to. Comparing the reworked painting below to the original painting above I like the bottom stone better in the newer version and the top stone better in the original version. The trick will be to combine the two.

Beach pebbles made of broken glass embedded in plaster

An image of granite made of broken glass embedded in plaster plus another stone that was the reverse of granite, painted flat with a thick plaster texture surround.

In 2011 I prepared for my first painting class in over a decade, by making up a one-a-day creative project in order to jumpstart my creativity. This quickly became overwhelming as my health was still fragile at the time, and in fact I’m still having problems in 2016. Still I plan to keep trying and maybe one day I’ll get back to where I was years ago.


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