Dry-Brushing to Bring Out Texture in a Mixed-Media Paintings

To finish off our second class Jeanne looked at the old master techniques of glazing, scumbling and dry-brushing.

All of these techniques take a LOT of time to master — after all, the old masters weren’t called masters for no reason.

My previous post, Glazing Over Spackle Texture, covers the glazing portion.

Once the glaze has dried you can then go over the textured areas with a dry-brush, using a contrasting colour paint. The paint is applied to one side of the hog bristle brush, and then lightly brushed over the surface to bring out the texture.

Here is my first attempt on my seagull with a comb-over.

The rock that the seagull is standing on is a cut-out piece of watercolour paper with a plaster/sand mix applied with a palette knife. Once the spackle texture was dry it was glazed with medium, followed by gray paint and finally dry-brushed with white.
'a Bird, a Rock, a Letter' assignment: Seagull with a Combover To do the dry-brushing I applied paint to one side of the brush only, and then lightly brushed it over the surface to bring out the texture. As with most techniques in this class it’s a lot harder than it looks, and I haven’t yet acquired the knack.
sand-spackle mix applied with a palette knife, painted grey and then dry-brushed with whiteI suspect that these old master techniques will have to wait awhile as Jeanne also introduced a ton of new techniques in the third class, and there was no way I can try them all out.

Our super instructor’s site: http://jeannekrabbendam.com/ On her site she has her work and offers lots of different workshops and courses.

Mixed Media Class Experience:

Class 1 Image Transfer

Class 2 Textures and Struggles

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