One Four Challenge August Week 1: Conservatory

The conservatory in Madrid’s Retiro Park has art inside rather than plants.

I was more intrigued by the building itself than the installation art, which consisted of a lot of rocking chairs and books scattered around.

Once again, I had trouble picking just one image so here are my two favourites.
The conservatory in Madrid's Retiro Park, Spain Facing in a different direction created a totally different look for this conservatory – this original almost looks as if it has already been apped with some look that plays around with clarity.The conservatory in Madrid's Retiro Park, SpainFirst stop: Waterlogue, both using its ‘Bold’ style.
Madrid Conservatory in Waterlogue 'Bold' Madrid Conservatory in Waterlogue 'Bold' More of Robyn G’s One Four Challenge.

8 responses to “One Four Challenge August Week 1: Conservatory

    • I love conservatories – I used to dream about finding abandoned conservatories in the wilderness so that every time I enter one it feels like I’m entering into a dream. This one in Madrid is such a perfect conservatory too! I would love to see your photos of it.

  1. What a great place! Makes me think of the Crystal Palace (London-Industrial Resolution).
    Both wonderful images to play with. I do love the perspective on the second one and think the watercolour effects really suit.
    Great to have you on board for August 😃😃

    • There used to be a proper conservatory called the Crystal Garden over on Vancouver Island where I grew up. Apparently it had the largest salt-water pool in the colonies and we used to go swimming there. They have since renovated it into something else altogether and it has totally lost that Victorian Industrial Revolution look that I love so much.

      • It seems the Crystal Palace inspired the Colonies! I’m told there was one in Sydney too, in the Royal Botanic Gardens. As far as I know it’s not there anymore either.
        They were and are spectacular structures!! When I was studying this in art history, I was amazed at their ingenuity and the beauty of it.
        It must have been wonderful to swim ‘in’ one.
        I love your chosen photo, because I feel like I know it well.. and as I said, I really like the angles you’ve explored with the image.
        Looking forward to ‘what is next’ 😃😃

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