Sunflowers in a local Community Garden

Sunflower, August’s Plant of the Month

Some sunny sunflowers for the month of August.

Sunflowers in a garden Sunflower Happyface SunflowerIn Spanish sunflowers are called ‘girosoles’, meaning ‘turn (with) sun’. This steel sunflower sculpture in Buenos Aires is supposed to open, close and turn with the sun – the mechanics are off so it doesn’t work that well but I love the idea.
steel sunflower, Buenos Aires A couple of old drawings of mine featuring sunflowers…
Detailed illustration of old West End house and garden with sunflowerThis was done in the 60s, my psychedelic style – fluorescent felt pens and all!Psychedelic SunflowerBlack & white ink drawing of a sunflower Did you know that sunflowers grow as trees in the wild? At the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC in Vancouver they explained that botanists are hoping to combine these wild ‘tree’ sunflowers with the commercial ‘crop’ sunflowers to provide seeds, oil and firewood in one easy-to-grow package for subsistence farmers.

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