One Word Challenge: ‘Vintage’ Computer

Hey, my old iMac still works!

It was such a classic design with the translucent back that allowed one to see into the mysterious innermost workings of a computer.
16VintageiMacSage3207w Even the connection cables were translucent.VintageiMaccordwhitebkgdwA lot of the old programs I used to use are no longer around. At one point Adobe bought up Aldus who made Pagemaker. Pagemaker was a devil of a program; the printers who processed the files called it ‘Ragemaker’. Adobe was hoping to improve the program getting as far as Pagemaker 7.0 before scrapping it and starting over with InDesign.

Macromedia was another company that has gone the way of the dodo bird after selling off Flash and Freehand to Adobe.
16programsonvintageiMacwA few other programs of note: IomegaWare was used to copy files onto Zip discs. StuffIt was used to compress huge graphic files so they would fit onto one Zip disc (or a 3.5 floppy). The internet was connected via modem, dial-up – remember that?

I took it in to the Mac store to get help clearing it off and half the staff there went down memory lane. One guy suggested that a prop house might want it…

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