High Contrast in Art & Photography

The biggest contrast is between Black & White — Darkness & Light — Positive & Negative.

‘High Contrast’ means black and white with little or no shades of grey in between, although in these two photos of black and white sculptures, light produces grey tones that show off the contouring.
Black & White Sculpture Blobs Black & white rolling balls make an interactive art piece at the Escher Museum in Den Haag, Holland This conceptual artwork, by the Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov is titled ‘Cross Purposes’. It refers to the room where one painter is painting the black wall white while across the room another painter is painting the white wall black in an endless procession – except for ‘lunch break’ as the sign on the floor noted.
SMAK endless work This painted wood hoarding in Bangkok is truly high-contrast black and white – I like how the added scribbles give it life.
Figures on a Hoarding in Bangkok A highly effective ‘high-contrast’ photo for an ad of Old Bushmills. I liked this classy image so much I went through my own photos looking for items to turn into something like it.
Black and white ad for whiskey from the Bushmills Distillery in Ireland, UK It turned out that it’s not that easy to make truly high-contrast images and in the end I selected a bunch, all of India, that I had prepped for a Mixed Media class that required high-contrast images for transfer.
Akbar's Tomb Hotel Suraj in Jaisalmer Ancient astromony in Jaipur Decorative carved plaster in the Red Fort in Delhi More of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Contrast.

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