Maple Trees, October’s Plant of the Month

October is the time of year where I wander around the city and find myself picking up fallen maple leaves.

A Cuban gardener told us that he had carved a maple leaf out of wood and painted it red. His biggest ambition was to go to Canada to see a place where the leaves turned red.Back-lit red maple leaves in Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, Canada Red Maple Tree in Stanley Park So Miguel, I’ve scanned a bunch of red maple leaves for you!

Sometimes they look like dancing flames.
scan of red maple leafs from Granville IslandThe top one is an almost classic ‘Canadian’ maple leaf.
scan of red maple leafs from Heather ParkDark mahogany leaves.
scan of dark red maple leafsA leaf that looks like it’s been spattered with paint, and another with too many lobes and green veins running through the dark red colour.
scan of red maple leafs

I’m never sure what to do with them after I’ve scanned them and eventually they end up in the compost. Such a sad ending for such beautiful things!


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