One Four Challenge November Week 4: Rioja Grape Harvest

The grape harvest in Rioja intensified – I just want to pick that cluster and stuff it in my mouth!

Rioja Grapes The Original.
Grape Harvest in Rioja Adjusted in Photoshop ExpressWeek 1. Watercolour by Waterlogue.Rioja Grapes in WaterlogueWeek 2. Retro grapes in Pixlromatic
Rioja Grapes in Sepia-like Pixlromatic Week 3. Monochrome in Stackables
Rioja Grapes in StackablesWeek 4. Intensified.15SpRiojaGrapes2151w More of Robyn G’s One Four Challenge.

3 responses to “One Four Challenge November Week 4: Rioja Grape Harvest

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  2. Love it intensified too and the square format.. it just works!
    It’s a very inviting image (pick me, eat me) and I really like all that you’ve tried this month!
    Thanks so much for joining me on this One Four journey.It’s been a blast and a great learning curve…Look forward to seeing what’s next for you 😀

    • Thanks so much – it sometimes seems as if my favourite images are edible, doesn’t it? In my food and travel blog I found that most people prefer food and travel images more or less straight which is why I created this art blog to experiment and play. Your challenge has been so much fun and I look forward to see where you head off to with your photos as well!

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