Cosmic Challenge: When Day Turns into Night

The pilot came on the speaker, excitedly mumbling something about an unusual phenomena; we were flying through the point where day became night.

I’m still not exactly sure what he was talking about but here is the photo I took out the plane window, with the day above, and the night below.
Flying into night

That photo above is untouched but the rest have been messed with by running them through the photo app Stackables formula ‘Soft Blur’.

Sunset with boat in Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan sunset with boat in Stackables formula 'Soft Blur'Dusk in Washington’s Port Townsend.
Washington Sunset with Weed in Stackables Formula 'Soft Blur' Sunset on a Puerto Vallarta beach, Mexico.
Sunset on the beach in Puerto Vallarta run through Stackables formula 'Soft Blur'Twilight on the Amsterdam Marina.
Sunset on the the Amsterdam marina run through Stackables formula 'Soft Blur' More of K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Challenge: When Day Turns into Night.


3 responses to “Cosmic Challenge: When Day Turns into Night

    • I’ve found that taking shots at night with a point and shoot can be problematic. However, the ‘blue hour’ shots at dusk often turn out really well, although looking back through my shots I definitely need something that silhouettes well to make these shots work!

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