Playing with stripes at the Modern Art Museum in Amsterdam, Holland

Cosmic Challenge: Straight Lines

When I was in Holland I found that a lot of people actually tended to dress as if they were part of the painting.

This lady’s striped sweater kind of matched this Sol LeWitt painting of vivid stripes. Amsterdam's Contemporary Art Museum with my 'Vivid Stripes' I was thinking of somehow using the stripes of the painting to put a ‘skin’ over a 3D figure sort of like this photo of me and fellow drinkers striped in light in a local pub.
Me in stripes at a Khatsahlano bar That turned out to be a lot of work so in the end I just cut out two museum viewers and pasted the stripes into the cut-out shapes. At some point I’d like to find a way to ‘extrude’ the shapes of the man and woman museum goers, filling in the sides of the extrusions with the faint rainbow reflection on the shiny door panels that lead into the room.
Playing with stripes at the Modern Art Museum in Amsterdam, Holland For more inspiration I googled ‘striped 3d art installations‘ which didn’t really have anything like what I was thinking of but was interesting to scroll through.

More of K’lee & Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Straight Lines.


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