A Waterproof Camera Isn’t Waterproof Forever

My last silly camera-destroying shot of my feet floating in the water at San Juanillo Beach in Costa Rica.

my last silly camera-destroying shotIt was old and it had its problems but I have to say that my little Olympus 850SW was the most fun I’ve ever had with a camera!

Later they told me that ‘water-proof’ cameras need to have their seals checked after year or so. However, even if you haven’t checked the seals a waterproof camera is still useful in downpours, waterfall spray and at sandy beaches – just don’t go swimming with it!

Two tiny underwater videos shot with it in better days :

While snorkelling in Huatalco, Mexico I found myself swimming through a school of surgeon fish…

Shot notes: My underwater camera (Olympus Stylus 850SW) had a number of settings that I unfortunately never bothered to try out until my trip to Huatalco. One of them is ‘underwater portrait’. Have you ever tried to take a portrait of a fish? Believe it or not, they refuse to stand still and say ‘cheese’. So the fish wriggle around a lot, and I am also flapping around in an attempt to maintain a stable position underwater. Result: a lot of blurred, ‘almost got it’ photos. But it then occurred to me that video, although without a specific underwater setting, might work. So behold, underwater ballet, as performed by a bunch of Surgeon Fish in La Entrega Bay, Huatalco…

One of my last videos before my ‘waterproof’ camera became somewhat less waterproof than advertised!

Nancy Merrill’s a Photo a Week Challenge: Feet.



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