Sufi Music Festival in Jaipur, India

On a dark night in a Jaipur park we attended an incredible Sufi music festival with whirling dervishes.

It was too dark to take photos so I decided to at least record the amazing sound. In the process I discovered that the ‘video’ mode handled the darkness a lot better than the ‘photo’ mode. However my camera didn’t do high-def video, so the best stills I could get were low res (480 x 690 px), slightly out-of-focus screen grabs.
Sufi music: Screen grab from the videoIn my attempt to do a post on this festival on my travel blog I wrote, ‘Note to self: this poster is the only decent photo of the event; all the rest are poor quality video – I’m starting to think that perhaps I will have to draw the images which means that this post can’t be done right now.’
Poster of the Sufi Music Festival at Jaipur's Elephant Festival 2010Still, I like the movement.
Sufi music festival grabThen I wondered if I could combine a couple of shots in Photoshop and at least make the image a little bigger.
Sufi music: combining 2 shots in PhotoshopHere is the final panorama – still out of focus but fractionally bigger.
Sufi music festival fake panaMy next step was to run the shot through some photo apps to take the edge off the out-of-focus and turn it into the mystical night it was – this is Stackables formula ‘Shady Portrait’.
Sufi musicians and whirling dervishes at the Sufi Music Festival in Jaipur in the photo app Stackables And another…
Sufi Music Festival in Stackables More of Nancy Merrill’s a Photo a Week: Music.


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