Waterfalls in Wales: Explorations of Moving Water

When we were in Wales last spring we spent some time exploring the ability of our point and shoots to do long exposures.

Although not perfect the long exposures often resulted in some interesting effects such as these sketchy white lines on a waterfall in the Brecon Beacons.
Brecon Falls in Wales BlurredI love the scribble lines where the sun hits the moving water at the bottom of this vertical panorama.Brecon Falls in Wales with scribble waterSwallow Falls in Wales; cropped to show the movement of the water.Swallow Falls in Wales; crop to show moving waterBlurred water movement at one of the falls in Brecon Beacons Park in Wales.
Blurred water movement at the Falls in Brecon Beacons Park in WalesA few more cropped versions of moving water.
Swallow Falls as an artpieceI have been exploring the effect moving water in my paintings as well; this is a detail of my ‘Autumn Sumac with Waterfall‘ painting.detail of sumac with waterfallThis painting is one of many that I did of Little Qualicum Falls over on Vancouver Island.Watercolour & Crayon Sketch of Little Qualicum Falls


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