Some Fave Stackable’s Formulas: Tintypes

I think ‘Tintype’ was the initial reason I actually purchased Stackables. I love this old, deliberately out-of-focus look.

It works on both photos that are slightly out-of-focus as well as in-focus shots. The only problem is that because it is the edges that are blurred it works best on shots where the centre of interest is in the middle of the photo.Stackables 'Tintype' formulaAlthough all formulas are adjustable, ‘Tintype’ is very complex, and I couldn’t find a way to shift the focus over to highlight this off-centre lion, other than to change the radius of the ‘Tilt-Shift’ to include more of the image.In Segovia, Spain, the white statue of a lion in front of a church done in Stackables Tintype?Here’s some more shots transformed by the ‘Tintype’ formula.Frozen Sunset using Stackables Using the 'Tintype' FormulaMexican pelican done up in the Stackables formula 'Tintype'Conservatory/Art Gallery in Madrid's Retiro Park, Spain in Stackables 'Tin-Type' formulaMore on the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus.


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