Planning a Bathroom Renovation

Years ago we moved into a really old, really disastrous house.

Everything needed fixing but we didn’t have any money as we had used every penny we had on the downpayment.

The bathroom was particularly grim. The tub painted a hideous colour called ‘old gold’ (my friend calls it ‘baby poop yellow’). The previous owners had just used ordinary house paint on it that was peeling badly, showing off the worn-out surface below. The lino floor tiles lifted as you walked across the room. The sink was cracked in a thousand places with persistent black goo in the cracks the couldn’t be removed.

I started drawing up plans. This brown one was to go with a carpet we had purchased in Mexico.Sketch #2 of the bathroom reno using the a brown carpet from Mexico as inspiration This burgundy one was inspired by the pre-existing Persian carpet that was nailed to the floor in the bedroom next door.Sketch #2 of the bathroom reno using the burgundy colour picked out of the pre-existing carpet in the bedroom next door Ultimately we went with the burgundy plan – the lower right side of the sketch shows how the bedroom and bathroom looked when both doors were open. Below is how they looked when we finished.Upstair hall in the old house looking towards the bathroom and the bedroom carpet that inspired itAl built the cabinets and framing, and I worked on coming up with a design for a sand-blasted glass divider. My first sketch was of a Dieffenbachia plant.
A sketch of a Dieffenbachia plant for the sand-blasted glass panelThe second, which we chose, was of a Philodendron. Al cut the glass to shape and I painstakingly cut the design out of a stick-on plastic that was adhered to the glass.A sketch of a Philodendron plant for the sand-blasted glass panelWe found some really cheap tiles in the colours we wanted and went crazy trying to come up with a plan to tile the room.Sketch of the bathroom in the old house showing the tile patternWe had some blips along the way, such as when we got the electrician to put in a GFI plug and he discovered that the upstairs electrical hadn’t been touched since 1910 – the wiring was all cloth-covered and frayed, connected by ancient knob and tube under the floor.

Leaking water had rotted the floor underneath one end of the tub and the floorboards had been replaced with a ‘No Parking’ sign.

It took us six months to finish it and 30 years later it still looked pretty good – most people thought it was relatively new. So now we have just moved and my beautiful bathroom belongs to someone else. This is the Real Estate photographer’s shot.
Bathroom in the old house showing the sandblasted glass
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4 responses to “Planning a Bathroom Renovation

  1. Love the sand blasted glass!
    We’ve just started the bathroom/master bedroom reno that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. But it was last on a list that started with removing a lot of knotty pine wood paneling and re-insulating a lot of walls! I hope my reno turns out as well as yours did!

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