Using Magazine Collage for Inspiration

At one point I started putting together collages of magazine images with the idea of using them as inspiration.

This was the first collage I did – I called it Brazil.
Spanish Inspiration collageMagazine collage of Granville Island in Vancouver which was later translated into a bunch of chalk pastel drawings.Magazine Collage of Granville IslandWild horses. I’m still working on these images but hopefully I’ll come up with something soon. I took one of them with the horses dissolving into flames and used it for images of the fire sign Sagittarius, the half-horse, half-man archer.
Wild horses collage from magazine imagesWhen I did this collage I was thinking mostly about forest, moss and purple heather. But some philodendron-type leaf shapes worked their way in. The half-seen face showed up in a series that morphed into a philodendron/woman/snake series of prints and paintings.
a collage body in moss green with purple accents, cut from magazine imagesThe spiky leaves of the tiger lily  looked like spears to me and I ended up with series of drawings and a very different painting – the painting itself was also collaged.
Magazine collage of Tiger lily warriorsSometimes I added some hand-drawn or painted bits to the collage like the pencil crayon & ink egg edges in this collage of a waterfall.
Magazine Collage and drawing Watercolour painting of Aquarius, the water carrier shown as an egg split apart by falling waterHere’s another that has just struck my fancy, where lipsticks replace the fruits on the prickly pear cactus.
Collage of Prickly Pear Cactus: Lipstick & LeatherMore on the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage.

7 responses to “Using Magazine Collage for Inspiration

  1. The perfect responses for this challenge. Your collages are amazing. I keep looking at the philodendron collage. Such an amazing collection of work ☺

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