Sedum (Stonecrop), August’s Plant of the Month

Sedum, with the common name of ‘Stonecrop’, is a type of succulent with small star-shaped flowers showing up in late summer.

Sedum spectabile just about to burst into bloom. Sedum succulent in Photoshop Express: softA leggy Sedum Vera Jameson with its smoky purple foliage decorating a grocery store.Purple sedumSedums bloom in August/September. The flowers are typical star-shaped and can appear in dense clusters.
Sedum in bloomSedum flowers in AugustSedum Autumn Joy adds rich red colour to a fall garden.Sedum flower in the Dublin Modern Art Gallery Garden, IrelandPink & white sedum flowers in bloom in AugustThe Ghost Plant gets its name from the whitish colour of it leaves. The flowers are larger than the related stone crop but still star-shaped. succulent in Photoshop Express: softWild sedum growing on an Irish island.
Stone crop in IrelandIn the winter the flower heads turn to seed.
Sedum seeds in winterTiny new plant bursting up through the stalks of the previous flower heads.
Sedum stalks in early springBurro Tail, Burrito, Donkey’s Tail, (Sedum Morganianum). This native Mexican succulent, here in the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden in Mexico.Burro tails succulent (Sedum Morganianum) in Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden, Mexico

A complete listing of all the different types of Sedum at .

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