Sooke scene with fog on the water in Waterlogue overlaid with photos

Landscape Paintings

Here I am trying to create landscape paintings using photo apps – mostly Waterlogue which has a dozen different watercolour styles.

Ireland’s Bloody Foreland is sort-of okay but the Waterlogue app seems to need more details in the image to be successful.
Ireland's Bloody Foreland in the photo app WaterlogueThis snow scene works better because of the tree detail.Winter SceneA different Waterlogue ‘style’ creates interest on this photo of the Lagos Covadonga in Spain.
Covadonga Lake in Waterlogue 'Blotted'This Welsh landscape with rolling hills doesn’t have enough details for Waterlogue to grab onto.Welsh Landscape in WaterlogueThis set of rolling hills in Spain looked terrible in Waterlogue, so I put it in a different photo app called Stackables.Covadonga mountains in the mist the photo app StackablesThis Irish landscape got the PsykoPaint treatment.
The wild Irish coast run through the photo app PsykopaintThese mountains in Laos were treated with Distressed FX.Laos mountains in the photo app Distress FXStill I went back to Waterlogue as the best app for producing a ‘landscape painting’. This misty scene in Canada probably worked the best of the Waterlogue batch but then I wondered what would happen if I sandwiched it with a photo..
Sooke scene with fog on the water in WaterlogueI redid the watercolour in Waterlogue, this time opting for ‘no borders’, and then overlaid it with two other photos, both using the ‘Multiply’ Blend mode in Photoshop; both with different degrees of opacity. There was a third photo with seagulls in it – the seagulls looked great but the rest of the image conflicted so I left it out.Sooke scene with fog on the water in Waterlogue overlaid with photosAnother attempt at overlaying the photo over the Waterlogue watercolour. I had originally labelled the watercolour ‘too bitty’ because of all the white flecks in it. Once overlaid the white flecks were substantially subdued and I rather like the result.
Little Qualicum Waterfalls in Waterlogue overlaid with photoMore of Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge: Landscape.

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