weed painting with yarrow

A Disaster Transformed into a Weed Painting

June 21, 2011. Our last assignment is to do something on transformation, and I figured that this piece fits the bill.

After all it started as what was supposed to be a wood grain and staples piece that went astray when I went a bit nuts adding spackle texture.
painting on wood panel with spackle/medium/pebble texture appliedThe piece was unworkable as it was. However, when I turn the piece sideways the texture reminded me of grass seeds. Once gessoed, I laid some colour glazes down. 

Inspired by Anselm Kiefer’s use of real objects such as straw, weeds, clumps of earth (see bottom of this post for more of Kiefer’s art), I pulled an attractive weed out of the alley, dirt and all. I tried to stick the plant down with lots of medium but I probably should have flattened it a bit first; it kept popping back up.11jn25WeedPainting9614wMore paint was applied on top along with spackle dandelions and red tar gel branches.
weed painting with spackle daisiesThe finished painting, quite a transformation from where it started out.
yellow weeds painting A detail of weed painting. My instructor noted that anything that wasn’t completely stuck down could rip so I had to go back several times and re-stick bits and pieces.
detail of weed painting


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