Scarlet mood board

In a Scarlet Mood

Scarlet, bright red with a hint of orange, is a colour associated with blood, courage, passion and heat.

Mood board in scarletThis ‘mood board’ contains all my own photos, reading left to right, top to bottom: Gears at the Cannery in Steveston, BC; Tulip in my garden; Bromeliad in the Costa Rican jungle; ‘Sacred Heart’ from Mexico overlaid on an image of a Camellia in Vancouver; Cheese in a Belgian market in Mons; Red umbrella; Prayers and wishes for Chinese New Year; Sculpture in Van Dusen Garden; Red habanero peppers.

Many birds have scarlet plumage like this Scarlet Ibis at the KL Zoo in Malaysia.
A Scarlet Ibis at the KL Zoo in MalaysiaBlood & courage translated into scarlet uniforms; this shot shows the ‘red serge’ of the RCMP in Canada, laying down a red rose to represent the fallen comprades. The colour scarlet distinguishes many of the military and paramilitary organizations across the British Empire.
During the ceremony a graduate from the RCMP places a red rose on a cenotaph to remember his fallen comradesBlood & passion translated into the ‘blood of Christ’ and the wearing of scarlet by the cardinals of the Catholic church. Passion & heat translated into the sins of ‘scarlet women’ or prostitutes. Interesting contrast here with ‘good’ men and ‘bad’ women’. (No photos of either…)

Scarlet in a tube: Cadmium Red Light. Scarlet in a Tube: Cadmium Red Light Initially the best scarlets were achieved by dying the cloth with a tiny insect, a type of ‘scale’, making the cloth expensive, and only for the wealthy.

More on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colours that Start with S.


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