Orchids, February’s Plant of the Month

An unusually cold February has me still thinking of tropical climes with this collection of orchids, some of which are blooming right now in my living room.

I was having some trouble getting my new camera to focus properly when I was in Singapore and ended up with a lot of blurry shots.

Then I saw a photography show where the guy had overlaid shots and so rather than throw out the blurry shots I overlaid them and got these images. Singapore Botanical Garden Orchid OverlaysA purple orchid at the Singapore Botanical Garden overlaid with an out-of-focus shot of the same orchid. Singapore Botanical Garden Purple OrchidTwo of my living room orchids overlaid.Sandy's Abandoned Orchid Overlaid with My Burgundy-Spotted Moth OrchidTwo different shots of the same two orchids that I overlaid above. One advantage of growing your own orchids is the opportunity to take advantage of great light when it happens!
Burgundy-Spotted Moth Orchid Flower in BloomSandy's Orchid


2 responses to “Orchids, February’s Plant of the Month

  1. Great idea to overlay them. I have some orchids growing in my living room too. I’m so afraid I’m going to kill them. 😯 They seem so delicate.

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