Birch bark peeling

Tree Bark as Inspiration

A few Februarys ago a visit from some friends had us wandering around Van Dusen Gardens.

I was disappointed by the garden beds full of anticipation and not much else. But our friends were delighted, running around identifying all the trees and remarking, “It’s so much more enjoyable when the trees are bare and you can see the bark and the structure of the trees”

So, something to do in Vancouver in February & early March: Go around and photograph the bark of all the leafless trees; often they look like alien worlds.

First a few unknown trees. Tree bark with white stripes: Striped Maple (aka Snake Bark Maple, Moosewood) (Acer pensylvanicum)Tree Bark AbstractTree Bark AbstractGreen Lichen on Tree Bark AbstractTree Bark AbstractTree Bark AbstractI’m not sure what type of tree this was but it was in the Sun Yat Sen Garden in Vancouver’s Chinatown.Tree Bark in Sun Yat Sen Garden in Vancouver's ChinatownCherry tree.
Tree bark of an ancient cherryThree different Birch trees. Tree bark abstractscarspeeling birch barkPaper Maple.Paper Maple peeling tree barkArbutus, one of my favourite trees to photograph! (More Arbutus shots here.)Arbutus bark patterns in orange and black (Victoria, BC, Canada)

10 thoughts on “Tree Bark as Inspiration

  1. I can see why that is one of you favorite trees to photograph. The center birch tree appears to have little barbed wire impressions, it’s, all of them, are very beautiful. I wouldn’t be surprised if trees had soul’s : )

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