A Necklace Inspired by Ireland

I have been wanting to put together a necklace inspired by the colours of Ireland: orange and green.

My inspiration was the Irish flag which combines the ‘orange’ Protestants and the ‘green’ Catholics, and also the rich greens and oranges I found all over Ireland. This moss in Glenveagh National Park is a good example.Rich Moss Tones at Glenveagh National Park in Ireland As I had a ton of copper findings including some copper Celtic knots, my first thought was to use copper mixed in with a variety of small glass beads. But the pale orange tones of copper looked pallid next to the rich orange of the moss in the photo whereas the greeny gold of brass fit right in amidst the green and orange seed beads.Irish green & orange necklace on a peat brown linen shirt The next step to making an Irish necklace was to form some Celtic connection. I used this bronze jewelry from Ireland in 1200 BC as inspiration.Prehistoric Museum JewelryMy Celtic knot clasp before it was hammered.brass wire work swirl clasp step 1The final piece; something to wear on St Patrick’s Day.
irish green orange necklace

Cee’s Fun Foto Combos: Orange and Green.


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