Swallow Falls in Wales: Explorations of Moving Water

Liquid in Motion

For years I have been exploring images of liquid motion in both my paintings and photography.

Salmon spawning in the rivers. Watercolour Painting of Salmon SpawningWaterfalls in Wales: Photographic Exploration of Water in Motion. Swallow Falls in Wales: Explorations of Moving WaterTaking Long Exposures of Waterfalls on a Point & Shoot.Furnace Falls1 in Wales using long exposureThe Three Pools at Little Qualicum Waterfalls. Watercolour & Crayon Sketch of Little Qualicum FallsRed Sumac and Waterfall. red sumac with waterfallRed Ripples in Blue Water. Scarlet ripple on blue water in Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, CanadaMy acrylic painting of ‘Unfurling Ferns by a Stream‘ found on a North Vancouver stroll.Acrylic Painting of Ferns by a StreamAbstract Reflections on Water.Strange green reflections on water with a red buoyWaves on an Oregon beach (and more about Waves in Painting and Photography). 
Watercolour '77: Waves on an Oregon BeachA magazine collage with pencil crayon & ink egg of a waterfall inspired by a series of horoscope images I was working on; this was Aquarius.
Magazine Collage and drawing Watercolour painting of Aquarius, the water carrier shown as an egg split apart by falling waterMore of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid.


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