'Kerry's Most Spectacular Cliffs' in Kerry, Ireland run through the photo app Snapseed

Waves: Liquid in Motion

Waves in photography and paintings.

On a road trip to California in 1975 I was totally fascinated with the huge ocean waves in both Oregon and California. I wasted almost a complete roll of film on these waves and was extremely disappointed when I got the photos back; the waves that looked so huge in real life looked small and insignificant in the photos. So then I ended up painting my experience of them; these are three early paintings of waves done in thick watercolour.

The first image is of a beach in OregonWatercolour '77: Waves on an Oregon BeachThis is a beach in California from the same trip. Watercolour painting of California waves and sandstone rock formationsAnother California beach. A Watercolour Painting of Ocean Waves Crashing on a Golden BeachA ‘horoscope’ painting inspired by Cancer from the same time period that I called ‘Hearing the Moon and the Motion of the Ocean in a Shell’. Hearing the Moon and the Motion of the Ocean in a ShellLately most of my wave images are photographs. I’ve since learned that to capture a wave and make it look big you need to use a telephoto lens and zoom in a lot. This is an exploration of the colour and the word ‘Seafoam’, edited in Photoshop.Puerto Vallarta Beach Waves & SeafoamAn attempt at capturing an abstract image of ocean spray at a local beach.Local ocean spray‘Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs’ (Ireland) run through the photo app Snapseed.Most Spectacular Cliffs in Kerry, Ireland run through SnapseedCreating waves with some ‘accidental’ art.blue wavesA former ‘Frites’ store in France, its windows blacked out with big brushy strokes of white paint inspired these ‘tsunami’ imagesBrushy Graffiti Abstract TsunamiFrom my Dad’s Stories of Denmark in the 30s, his painting of a freak wave. “One stormy night we took off in the boat and when nearing Rudkoping harbour a freak wave swamped the boat. We stood in the wheelhouse and I said, who gets the life-belt and Johannes said, you do, I can not swim anyway, and he was white in the face. However the boat slowly popped back to the surface.”Dad's painting of a freak waveMore of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid.

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