Paper and Art

There are many ways paper can be used in art: cut, folded, torn, glued, woven, painted.

Samples of Pantone Color Paper/Uncoated. Many years ago these (expensive) papers were essential in order to do mock-ups of proposed pieces of commercial artPantone Color Paper UncoatedAt one point we had to cut into the walls of our old 1910 house to put in modern electrical lines; this resulted in exposing at least 10 layers of wallpaper. This was the border on the earliest layer of the bedroom – the walls underneath were fairly rough so they expected the walls to be wallpapered back in those days. Somehow I want to put these bluebirds and flowers into a painting.old wall paper from the bedroom of our 1910 houseIt’s funny how back in the days everything was made of paper and now they are made of plastic, and causing big problems. Anyway, an old paper bag with a sketch of escaping butterflies on it. sketch of butterflies on a paper bag

Notes on how to make paper. Paper-making notes in my sketch bookHand-made paper used for a painting.Sage & Petroglyph Painting in PhotoshopDetail of a painting of Morocco : mixed media including sand, acrylic, pencil, rusted metal on Arches watercolour paper. painting of Morocco detailPaper can be folded; this 2-ply paper burgundy on one side and cream on the other, was cut, folded and painted in stripesFront of a folded piece of 2-ply paper that was burgundy on one side and cream on the other; this side was painted with acrylic stripesCut paper image of a guitar-playing skeleton for the ‘Dia de los Muertos’ in Mexico.Dia de los Muertos: cut paper image of a guitar-playing skeletonI have explored working with ‘fragile’ papers such as this painted and dry-brushed toilet paper on the left below.
toilet paper sprayed with medium (left) and candy wrapper foil (upper right) textures

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Books or Paper

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