Lotus Flower Doing Yoga Painting

Plants and their Paintings

Jennifer Nichole Wells ‘word’ this week is PLANT.

Great, I have tons of plant photos and paintings. The only problem is that although they’re organized the links are not organized in a way that makes sense.

So what seemed to be easy has turned into a massive reorganization of my plant posts. With the weather being good I don’t see finishing that any time soon.

So instead I have put together some of my plant photos together with my paintings of them. Lesson learnt from this: when I did paintings in the past I just went for the ‘feel’ of the plant and not so much for the reality, and right now I am doing the opposite. And not having as much fun nor liking my paintings as much.

Anyway. Lotus Plant Meditations, inspired by my first trip to Thailand in 1993. There were of course lotus plants galore. And our tour of the museum in Thailand has us looking at how the conception of Buddha varied over time and in different countries.

Lotus Flower Doing Yoga PaintingIris Dancers, inspired by the irises in my garden and around the city.Iris 3-panelCanna Lily Sunworshippers where I was so inspired my the spotted lilies in Mexico I planted a bunch in my garden but they were never the same in wet, less tropical Vancouver.Canna Lily DancersI first saw bananas growing on banana palms on the British Virgin Islands, did a sketch and ultimately many paintings and drawings from this sketch. When I was in the process of one of these drawings someone in my art class critiqued my painting saying that bananas only grew upwards. Of course, for years after, I only saw bananas growing in an upwards formation – something that didn’t match my initial sketch. But a couple of years ago I finally some growing downwards in Mexico and I was vindicated. I guess there are all sorts of banana plants out there – actually I know there are all sorts of banana plants out there. So anyway: Banana Ballet.Banana palm painting trio

I see I’ve done something similar (but different) in Art Show: November’s Plants of the Month.

More of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Plant.

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