Seed Pod Clusters of the Crocosmia Lucifer

The Seeds and Seed Pods of September

In September plants often produce small miracles in the form of seed pods and seeds.

There’s something about these winged seeds that made me want to grab my sketch book and draw.seed podsseed pod sketchSeeds from the Crocosmia Lucifer in my garden. I had to cut them off the seed clusters as soon as they formed or they would immediately start sprouting and I would be overrun with Crocosmias.seed pods Crocosmia LuciferSeed Pod SketchDay lily pods with tiny seeds.sketch of 'Day Lily' seed podsRed poppy with a young seed pod forming next to it.Janet's poppyBy September the Poppy seed pods have dried out..Pink Poppy Seed Pod SketchI’m not the only one who wants to create art with seed pods. I found this ‘Seed Pod’ artwork at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Vancouver. Each page was strung with one or two small magnifying glasses to show up the details of each seed pod.Seed Pod Art at the Roundhouse in VancouverLens Artists Photo Challenge: Small is Beautiful.


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