'Snowy Mountain' Flint Painting

Inspired by my ‘Snowy Mountain’ Flint

One of my flint paintings that I’m working on for my upcoming show.

The rock that I’m calling ‘Snowy Mountain’ Flint is black flint in a coarse grain chalk matrix with ochre stains in the chalk. I found this beauty in the Natural History Museum in Copenhagen.Flint in in the National Museum of Denmark in CopenhagenFlint image run through the photo app Sketch Guru’s filter ‘Gouache’. Flint stone with chalk matrix run through Sketch Guru's filter 'Goache'Detail of ‘Snowy Mountain’ Flint painting in process Step 1. The translucent paint really shows the brush strokes but that’s okay, this isn’t meant to be an exact representation.'Snowy Mountain' Flint in process step 1Detail of ‘Snowy Mountain’ Flint in process Step 2. The rubbing alcohol splatters didn’t work the way I expected but again I tell myself this is an interpretation, not an exact copy.'Snowy Mountain' Flint in process step 2Finished ‘Snowy Mountain’ Flint Painting, acrylic and spackle on a wood cradle, 24″ x 12″ (x 1 1/2″ deep).
'Snowy Mountain Flint Painting, acrylic and sparcle on a wood cradle, 24" x 12" x 1 1/2"An abstract waterfall spotted on the side of a newspaper stand. Looking at this makes me think that I’ll be doing another painting, changing my ‘Snowy Mountain’ Flint to a ‘Black & White Waterfall’ Flint. This time around I’ll be experimenting with a glossy ground, hoping that the watery brush strokes that really show up (maybe – I’ve tried to get this effect before and haven’t yet been successful).An abstract waterfall spotted on the side of a newspaper standA possible third painting comes with this splash of mud on a hoarding run. Run through the photo app Stackables it has similar shapes to the ‘Snowy Mountain’ flint.Mud Splash in the photo app StackablesDetail of the mud splash, slightly angled, showing the wonderful visual texture. How do I achieve this?Mud Splash in the photo app Stackables

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