My Gallery at the Eastside Culture Crawl November 2018

Cosmic Challenge: Dreams into Reality

July 2017. 

Where I attempt to turn my dream of a gallery/studio space into reality. My messy studio at the end of May, after I moved in
November 2017. 

A mass of learning curve experiences later my gallery was finally ready. This is from the first night of last year’s Eastside Culture Crawl! My Gallery at the Eastside Culture Crawl November 2018November 5, 2018. 

I thought this year it would be a bit easier, not a lot, maybe 10% easier to make the transformation. But it’s not. The only thing that was transferable from last year was the printed business cards, the Square credit card thing which I never used because nothing sold and now can’t remember how to use, and a book of receipts, also not used. 

I don’t seem to have run out of learning curve experiences. Some of them I might write about later, once I’m over the trauma. I see from my photos that the studio doesn’t look as bad as it really is; that’s because I haven’t yet gotten around to removing some of the paintings that need to be put away. So far I feel a long way aways from having my dream show ready and I only have 10 days to go.My studio on November 5 My studio on November 5 My studio on November 5It isn’t easy turning dreams into reality. I will try and update this page anytime something significant happens to the space, and it better happen soon as the show starts on November 15th!!!

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7 thoughts on “Cosmic Challenge: Dreams into Reality

    1. I don’t think it is quite what I would have posted if I hadn’t been so busy trying to finish a bunch of paintings for this year’s crawl but your prompt for this week seemed timely. And preparing for a show really is a Cosmic Challenge!

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