Detail of Englishman River Falls Painting

Englishman River Falls Paintings, Take 2

Englishman River Falls Painting, watercolour paper mounted on wood cradle, 18” x 24″.

Englishman River Falls Painting

The Process.

The original unfinished painting was acrylic on large piece of watercolour paper. The big problem was how to frame it, especially if I’m thinking of adding some 3D parts later.
Englishman River Falls painting in processI cut the painting down to fit on a wood cradle panel. I like the original proportions better but couldn’t find any wood cradles that fit. Now that I’m finished and I didn’t add any 3D pieces I realize that I should have mounted it on a piece of masonite cut to size and then framed it like I’ve done with others of this ilk. Damn it!

(The colour in the painting is more like the photo above – I forgot to set the white balance on the camera correctly – obviously it wasn’t a good day for thinking things through!)Englishman's Falls painting in processStones darkened as per original falls. I was in a bad mood so I attacked the piece!Englishman's Falls painting in processMore aggression vented on the waterfalls. I don’t think this works at all but another artist liked it.Englishman's Falls painting in processThe final, after all is said and done.


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