Beach Rock of Broken Glass

Painting of a rock at Botanical Beach with black tempered glass embedded into an acrylic/spackling/sand mix.

Painting of a Botanical Beach rock with black glass from a broken car windowThis is the rock at Botanical Beach that inspired the painting. rock at Botanical BeachTaking a lesson from the difficulties of painting acrylic over glass this time I added a lot of black and Payne’s Grey to my spackling/acrylic mix. This is a little more successful but again needed a lot of work. Broken Black Glass to Represent Beach RockHere is the next stage, with Payne’s Grey liquid acrylic glaze over top of the glass and some messing around in Photoshop to see what to do next. Oddly, I like it better upside down, so for now that’s the way its staying.
Rock at Botanical Beach made of broken glass photoshoppedAn angled view of the painting showing a close-up of the black glass. Painting of a Botanical Beach rock with black glass from a broken car windowBotanical Beach Rocks, 14” x 18”, Mixed media on a wood panel.Botanical Glass Rock painting on the wall


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