CRUCS displaying the 'Northern Lights'

Brainstorming ‘Ultra-Cold’

About 15 years ago I was asked to put together a site for ‘Ultra Cold’ Research. I proceeded to brainstorm the idea the way I was taught in art school, by listing and sketching absolutely everything that came to mind.

Literal: Thermometer. How cold is ‘Ultra Cold’? Answer: -45°K. Temperature gauge. Below zero. Is there any unique equipment involved in this research?
crucs_hmpg Cold: snow, ice, crystal, icicle, frost (textures, sparkle), glacier, arctic (antarctic), northern lights, blizzard, winter, snowflake, snow.
CRUCS in snow blue CRUCS in snow blue web siteFlying over frozen wastes on IcelandicairFlying over floating ice on IcelandicairColours: ice blue, midnight blue, black, white, glacial turquoise, frozen green. Northern lights colours: greens, blues, pinks.
CRUCS displaying the 'Northern Lights'As I worked I made lots of quick sketches. And found myself brainstorming ‘ultra-cold’ jewelry I could make.

Winter: ice crystal, rock crystal, quartz crystal, clear intentions, frost, northern princess, winter dusk, queen of the north, icelandic stream, snow queen, fire and ice, cracked, bubbles in the ice, texture, cubes, gleam.

A few more cold combos to inspire: iceberg, snow, winter, winter wonderland, icicle, frost, snow falling (on cedars), champagne in the snow, winter mood, ice storm, ice fall, whitewash, white clouds, cloud white, creamy, moon glow, Mont Blanc, moon, moon maiden, snowdrop, snowflake, snow cap, milky white, snow in summer, cloud, velvet, bridal veil, pearl(y), snowberry, silvery, pale beauty, silver queen, lace, milkmaid, light, pale, ephemeral, alabaster, glace, ice, glacial, polar ice, oyster, misty, snow leopard, ice age, snow fire.

Materials for ‘ultra-cold’ jewelry: silvery metals, quartz crystals like icicles, sparkly midnight blue goldstone, Laboradorite and opals both with a blue ‘flash’, rich blue lapis lazuli with golden veins, black onyx.

Ice Storm

ice storm necklace and earringsThis method of brainstorming is even easier with modern technology. When I typed in ‘winter’, ‘cold’ or any of the above terms into Flicker, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Images or other ‘image’ library I was inundated with a mass of image inspiration, sometimes going into directions I never even thought of. Dictionaries and thesauruses add even more ideas into the mix.

More of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cold.


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