Limbo, walking on the edge of hell

Cosmic Challenge: The World Waits in Limbo

Limbo, a place on the edge of hell.

This massive orange stone in Silkeborg, Denmark, was entitled Sisyphus, after the Greek king who rolled a giant boulder up a hill every day only to be eternally defeated by gravity.

I wondered at its resemblance to a certain orange president who often seems careen out of control down the hill, destroying everything in his path.

Living in the country next door it sometimes seems to me that we Canadians are now waiting in limbo.Limbo, walking on the edge of hellThe other part of this time of Limbo is climate change. A report announces that “the 2018 wildfire season was the most destructive and deadly wildfire season on record in XXX.”  In this case XXX equaled California. But in BC we had back-to-back record wildfire seasons, as did Spain, Portugal, Greece, Sweden and many more places in Asia. If this is the new normal the world is indeed waiting in Limbo.

Vancouver seen through a smoky haze. People were told to stay indoors and not exert themselves but not everybody listened.Smoky sunset on English Bay in VancouverMore on the Cosmic Challenge: Limbo, the World Waits. This links to Dale’s page; K’lee’s is slightly different and called ‘My Version of 2019‘ but I’m afraid this post still applies. Despite my normally positive outlook I still feel we’re headed toward a catastrophe. Perhaps it’s only that I’m ending this year (and will probably be starting next year) with a nasty cold that has made me so negative.

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