Upside-down reflection in Aarhus' Den Gamle By

Cosmic Challenge: Upside Down

I thought I didn’t have anything upside down; then I found this reflection of tulips down in LaConner Washington.

Reflection of red tulips in La Conner's Tulip TownNext thing I knew I was turning all sorts of reflections upside down – some worked, some didn’t. Then I ran into a time crunch and had to stop playing.

So here are the few I had time for…

Upside-down reflection in Aarhus’ Den Gamle By.Upside-down reflection in Aarhus' Den Gamle By An infinity of Als. The camera couldn’t figure which way was up so it put them sideways. I corrected that and turned them upside down. Maybe. Hmmm…An infinity of Als An infinity of Als The Taj Mahal upside-down.Upside-down reflection in Agra's Taj MahalMore of K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Challenge: Upside Down.


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