Skunk Cabbage, April’s Plant of the Month

Come April and you are hit with the ‘sweet’ smell of Western Skunk Cabbage (Lysichiton americanus).

Native to the Pacific West Coast of America, they grow best in swampy areas, and the ‘fragrance’ is both rotten and sweet, the better to attract pollinators that love dead things
Yellow Skunk Cabbage plants in Snapseed The yellow flower of the skunk cabbage plant run through the photo app Snapseed. Skunk cabbageYellow Skunk Cabbage flower in Snapseed Waterlogue ‘Vibrant’ at the ‘Darkest’ setting. 
Yellow Skunk Cabbage Flower Waterlogue Skunk Cabbage in Sketch Guru ‘Pencil Crayon’. 
Yellow Skunk Cabbage in Sketch Guru Pen and watercolour sketch of Skunk Cabbage in Stanley Park. 
pen and watercolour sketch of yellow Skunk Cabbage A large acrylic painting of a Skunk Cabbage done from the sketch – I’m not sure if this one is finished yet!painting of a skunk cabbagePencil & gouache sketch of the cabbage in Revelstoke National Park. Skunk Cabbage painting in gouacheAnd another.Gouache painting of a Skunk CabbageLens Artists Photo Challenge #39 – Hello April.


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