artwork of fossil hunting made with hand-made paper

First Attempt at an Artwork Inspired by Fossils

One of the artists at the Emily Carr Grad Show had work featuring layers of torn/cut paper and this twigged me to some of my old work that was inspired by the experience of fossil-hunting with my dad…

fossil hunting with dad in the OkanoganThe fossils were in a wall of shale, part of it golden and part dark grey. Each piece I pulled out contained some sort of fossil imprinted on it.fossil hunting with dad in the OkanoganInitially I imagined a cabinet with series of narrow specimen-type drawers that could be pulled out, each revealing a painting of a fossil. The sketch…fossil rock sketch

Since my woodworking skills are non-existent I changed it to a piece of styrofoam covered with hand-made paper with the fossil paintings slotted in.attempt to turn fossil hunting into art with hand-made paper The final artwork looks better in the photos than it does in reality – it really didn’t convey what I wanted. I added a pinkish ‘granite’ skirt to the piece that actually looked a bit silly although it does have some interesting triangles embedded with cedar at the top of the skirt.
attempt to turn fossil hunting into art with hand-made paper This original post dates way back to May 15, 2011 when I was just getting over 11 years of health problems that had kept me from my art. The original artwork dated from long before that.

That particular day I spent quite a bit of my time trying to locate the photo album where I had the photos of the artwork and then even more time trying to find the actual fossils themselves, all of which I then had to scan.

I was a bit depressed about seeing all my old work, and totally dismayed at all the years lost to various health problems. But the next day I found that going through my old work and blogging about it was a good way organize my thoughts and gather all the pieces I needed in one spot. Also, the more I looked the more I realize that some of my old work was just as pathetic as the new stuff I had done recently.

Getting back into painting wasn’t easy after all that time away (and I’m still having problems even now in 2019). But at that time I signed up for a mixed media class and started doing this one-a-day project to get my thoughts and art supplies back in working order.

I guess trying out something new and failing is a basic part of the creative process.

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