Singapore Botanical Garden Orchid Overlays

Using Out-of-Focus Images as Overlays

Years ago I got a new Nikon Coolpix camera but it had a devil of a time focusing and I came back from several holidays with a bunch of out-of-focus shots.

boating in the lake up in the hillsInspired by a photo show in Singapore I experimented overlaying out-of-focus orchids on top of in-focus orchids.
Singapore Botanical Garden Orchid OverlaysI overlaid this out-of-focus image on top of a shot that was in focus using the ‘lighten’ blending mode in Photoshop. 
Frost on HeatherHydrangea overlay.Hydrangea OverlayRed berry overlay.Red Berry OverlayMaple leaves overlay.maple leaves overlayA Marguey, a spotted cat overlaid on a jungle scene from Costa Rica.A Marguey, dotted cat with Photoshop overlayI realize I haven’t been doing as much of this as I used to – my new(ish) camera is a lot better at focussing!

More on the Ryan Photography’s Challenge: Overlay.


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