Purple-red bearded Iris in Stackables 'Winter Sunset' formula

A Single Iris Run Through Various Photo Apps

A single Iris run through various photo apps.

Yellow and white Flag Iris in Pixlromatic. This iris didn’t work that well in any of the apps. Flag iris in PixlromaticPurple Iris in Sketch Guru’s ‘watercolour’.  Purple Iris in the Photo App Sketch GuruIris Japonica in Pixlromatic’s ‘rain’ overlay looks more like a watercolour than Sketch Guru’s.Iris Japonica in PixlromaticPurple Iris in Stackables.Purple Iris in StackablesYellow Iris in Stackables’ ‘Winter Sunset’ formula. Yellow iris in Stackables' 'Winter Sunset' formulaBurgundy Bearded Iris, also in Stackables ‘Winter Sunset’ formula.Purple-red bearded Iris in Stackables 'Winter Sunset' formulaDeep purple Iris in Stackables. This Iris is so dark that it is almost black, and this filter brings out the mystery in the flower. Purple Iris in StackablesCropped, not apped! The same flower as above, the deep purple Bearded Iris, but here I can see the markings on the bottom petal which I have never noticed before. Purple Iris with RaindropsMore of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: A Single Flower.

8 thoughts on “A Single Iris Run Through Various Photo Apps

  1. I adore that you played around with post processing on your irises. Fabulous idea. Thanks so much for adding to the fun of guest hosting the Lens-Artists challenge this week. 😀

    1. This was a fun challenge, as the virus has backed off enough that I am able to go out and do more ‘single’ flower photography (as opposed to walking in flowerless back alleys during the worst of the crisis). Then I came back and played with the images in a way I haven’t done in a long time.

    1. Straight-forward tight WordPress ‘feature’ image cropping brings out unappreciated details – I had never noticed the markings on these purple irises before, or the alien quality of the ‘beard’.

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